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    I have never stood back for a challenge, and believe that there are many profitable and sustainable business opportunities available. Through collaboration, observation, and seasoned analysis, have correctly identified many opportunities. As an entrepreneur at heart wrote my first business proposal whilst I was still doing my compulsory two years National Service in the South African Army, at age 20. With determination, drive, knowledge and skills to succeed in any venture, that I may go into, and my mantra is “Never Give Up"!

    What three new things did you learn, teach and help someone with today? Imagine if all 7.6 billion of us on this planet tried doing these three simple tasks every day, what would this world be like!

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    Tomorrow's ELECTRIC VEHICLES made Possible with Today's Minerals!

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    Africa’s abundant battery metal resources will be key to the energy transition away from fossil fuels when switching to electric vehicles, wind, and solar power, and energy storage becomes the standard.

    Developing a new mine can take 7 to 10 years from discovery to production, which could delay the decarbonisation drive if
    ARK Invest’s predictions in "If Traditional Automakers Overcome Obstacles, Global EV Sales Could Scale Roughly 20-Fold From ~2.2 Million In 2020 To 40 Million By 2025", comes into fruition. We plan to raise investments to purchase mining assets owning these critical metals.
    Sydney Klopppers

    HABITAT 4 WILDLIFE Conservation for Future Generations Today!


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    There are many privately owned Wildlife Properties across South Africa that are on the market, and these properties are Prime Wildlife & Nature Conservation Properties. Most of the owners are ‘Baby Boomers’ and they are looking to liquidate their investments for retirement.

    The acquisition and protection of such properties is for the Greater Good for Man in the race to Protect Global Wildlife & Natural assets for generations to come, as the current rate of extinction across all ecosystems is horrifying, to say the least, which is mainly caused by loss of safe and sustainable habitats.


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    Limpopo Eco-lndustrial Park (LEIP) project

    Seed Investor


    Eco-Industrial Solutions (Pty) Ltd (EIS) is building the world's first zero solid-waste eco-industrial park, the Limpopo Eco-lndustrial Park (LEIP) project. The LEIP project exemplifies sustainable eco-lndustrial development and demonstrates that industrial economy and environmental health can successfully coexist.


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    Wealth Migrate

    Seed Investor


    Wealth Migrate is a global real estate investment marketplace that offers investors direct access to exclusive real estate investment opportunities, in premier markets around the world, from as little as USD 1000. Wealth Migrate’s mission is to empower people by providing access to quality real estate investments that were previously accessible only to high net worth individuals and institutional investors.


    Mylab Natural Science and Chemistry Kits
    Co-Founder "1m impacting 200m"

    Our vision for the 1,000,000 IMPACTING 200,000,000 project is to invite individuals from every nation to support and help raise funding over the next 5 to 10 years so that we can build and distribute at least 1 million complete Mylab™ kits to at least 100 000 schools in developing nations around the world.
    At Mylab we strive to offer the best and most complete Natural Science and Chemistry kits, solutions, strategies and laboratory equipment to our clients, and have been leading the South African market since 1999!
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    The tomb wall land management system offers an alternative way to bury the deceased in caskets and coffins. This pre- cast system is a land management system for grave yards, that create an aesthetic monument or
    shrine similar to a mausoleum system but cheaper, more secure than a grave where the families can lay their loved ones to rest in their time of bereavement, suffering and sorrow. Many Southern African cities are facing a crisis situation similar to many cities around the world, with respect to cemeteries.


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    Night Sweats Help


    Having suffered from Night Sweats for more than 5 years and not from the most common causes I was presented with a problem as why I was suffering from Night Sweats.


    Until the One Night that changed it All.


    I’ve written an eBook to help other people who might also be suffering from from Night Sweats with practical advise that I use myself. Get your Night Sweats under control with No Medication

    Sydney Klopppers

    Sydney Kloppers

    Serial Entrepreneur,

    Educator & Visionary


    In my eyes, opportunities abound and there is always something new to learn and to teach, as I dare to dream and shape my destiny in this life, we only get one chance at life!



    My entrepreneurial interests cover: Business, Mergers and Acquisitions, Investment Banking, IT Systems Engineering, Blockchain, Technology, Investments, Wildlife conservation, Education, Aviation and Agriculture.


  • "Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny." ~unknown
    "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is
    more important than any other". ~Abraham Lincoln
     "To think up a small business or a big business,
    it's the same amount of work, so think big!" ~ Sydney Kloppers



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